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The leather system is beautiful and versatile--dressing down or up--so we were initially hesitant to offer the bags and cases in another material. After testing many fabric options from all over the world (literally - I am in Hong Kong as I write this), I have finally found an excellent textiles factory to create a reinforced heathered nylon that provides the necessary structure and durability while maintaining an aesthetic appeal. 

 Starting now, all bag and case options will be available in both leather and nylon.The cost of the materials is significantly lower for the nylon bags but the manufacturing processes remain the same in order to maintain the quality and craftsmanship expected of Anson Calder products.

Get yours before they're gone! And remember to spread the word-- Our campaign ends August 4th and you will never see these discounts again for Anson Calder Bags & Cases.

Thanks again for your support. We're excited to get production underway so you can have your beautiful cases and bags soon.



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