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Our bags and cases are currently being manufactured at our factory in Los Angeles. Read more about the production in About Us. Sign up for email notification so you can be the first to know when they are available for shipping.

BAGS: From every-day use to travel, these sleek and elegant bags help you get from A to B in style. Crafted wholly of fine French calf-skin and beautiful and reliable Riri zippers from Switzerland. Read more about the ecosystem of our bags and cases to learn the real value of these beautiful bags.

CASES: Let Anson Calder help you make your bag truly yours. These small leather goods attach to the walls of your Anson Calder bag to personalize the way you carry your items. As stand-alone goods or cases for your bag, let us help you take care of your favorite items. 

STAY TUNED for more about our ecosystem of bags to learn how to make the most of your bags and cases.

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