Left Wallet: 6 months old with 10 cards and 2 bills; Right Wallet: Day 1 with 5 cards and 2 bills

3 Hints That Will Make You Love Our Wallet Even More

No matter which design you select, it was constructed by hand in Los Angeles, California of French calfskin leather from a tannery that has perfected its craft over five centuries. With the right care this wallet will last for years to come--so it’s a good idea to get familiar with it.

1. It is deceptively slim

The beauty of this leather is that it stretches and shrinks to accommodate your cards. Right out of the box the wallet might look like it holds 2-4 cards. In reality, it can hold up to 10-12 cards comfortably. Just add one card at a time to each slot. The leather will stretch, and you’ll be amazed.

2. Breaks in nicely

At first, your cards might seem too snug. That’s ok. After about three days of regular use the leather will loosen, so loading and unloading cards becomes easier.

3. Adapts to you

The wallet will adapt to the amount of cards you choose to carry. If you need to add a hotel card it will stretch to accommodate, and hours after you check out it will shrink back to its normal fitting. It’s incredible, we know. Add or subtract a couple cards at a time and avoid drastic reductions like going from twelve cards to two.

As with all of our products, the more you use this leather, the better it gets. Over time it will adapt to your life, becoming easier to use, and develop a rich patina. Use it. Enjoy it. Love it.

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Left Wallet: 6 months old with 10 cards and 2 bills; Right Wallet: Day 1 with 5 cards and 2 bills


  • Tom WISE on

    I have 2 Anson Calder Wallerts the card wallet with center pocket for cash is my favorite. I carry 2 cards on one side and 3 on the other side. I c a raised 11 bills in the center. I just started carrying a money clip and leaving the center open for receipts or hotel cards. I’m sure I’ll go back at some point on carrying cash, but I’m wondering will it shrink back

  • Bob Bonilla on

    Very nice. I like small wallets. Easy to carry in front pant pocket or shirt pocket.

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