At Anson Calder we create everyday essentials with the belief that there’s always a better way. So no matter where you’re going or what you’re becoming, our products are designed to make getting there simpler, stylish and more enjoyable. See for yourself: Try it for 100 days and love it, or return it.

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“Anson Calder brings old-world craftsmanship to the USA, showing off clean, modern styling, and offering tons of options to customize each bag to fit your personal everyday carry.”

“The family of purpose-built accessories—laptop sleeves, toiletry kits, document cases—elevate an Anson Calder tote bag in colorful French calfskin from stylish accessory to essential tool for the road warrior.”

“Anson Calder is a New York-based company that designs contemporary leather goods, crafted from full-grain French calfskin. The company offers a wide range of leather goods including bags, wallets — and a very nice, minimalist calfskin iPhone case.”

“The brand’s old-world craftsmanship, combined with its forward-thinking minimalist design reflects its values and an ongoing mix of the old and the new.”

“Rarely would a traveler take along a desk piece on a trip, but this elegant item is perfect for keeping a wallet, loose change, keys, jewelry and the like on, say, a hotel desk, dresser or night table.”

“Minimalist leather goods (bags especially) are a dime a dozen, but Anson Calder‘s hand-crafted bags and accessories emphasize modularity and functionality, making them worth a second look.”

from $950 USD
Available in 2 colors
from $650 USD
Available in 7 colors
Up to 12 cards
Available in 9 colors
13" Laptop Brief
from $1,050 USD
Available in 4 colors