The Anson Calder system provides an innovative way to organize and simplify what you carry, with an aesthetic that works for work, weekends and everything in between.

Anson Calder BAGS are a hybrid of engineered functionality and luxurious style. Our patent-pending system ensures efficient use of space by attaching CASES to the internal walls of the bag. This maximizes utility by increasing accessibility, and prevents the contents of your bag from falling to the bottom. 




We started by studying what people carry on a regular basis, quickly realizing it varies. We then designed cases for the best of these items and created a patent-pending system to attach the cases to our bags, allowing you to personalize your configuration.



At Anson Calder we believe in access without excess. Here are a few highlights explaining how our bags and cases will revolutionize what you carry.


Customizable Today, Tomorrow and Beyond: By choosing the cases you need to carry your essentials, you carry only what you need. And because what you need from bags changes over time, your bag can change as often as your needs do simply by reconfiguring and swapping cases.


Stand-Alone Cases: The cases, which act as “pockets” within your bag, were designed to also function as stand-alone cases. They are sized to fit perfectly, have an easy closure that keeps items secure yet easy to access, and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can custom-build your bag. See the Specifications Chart below for more details on specific products.


Organized and Minimal: You will maximize the use of space within your bag by attaching internal cases to the walls. You can carry more by carrying it better. 

  • Increases access, everything has a designated place
  • Prevents the contents of your bag from getting jumbled together at the bottom
  • Creates a visual checklist so you can forget about forgetting
  • Leaves more space in the center for the additional items you need to carry on any given day


Compatibility: Not only can your cases be pulled out and used on their own, they can also be taken out of the bag and seamlessly inserted into another Anson Calder bag.


All Anson Calder bags and cases are compatible and interchangeable, regardless of material. See the Specifications Chart for more details on specific products.


Each bag has 6 straps that are woven through the exterior wall, adding both style and functionality. This creates many configuration options. 



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