5 Reasons Why Our Patent-Pending Organizational System is Perfect for Travel

Are you always on-the-go? World travelers and business professionals alike have revolutionized their travel with our patent-pending organizational system. Thanks to interchangeable custom cases, sleeves, and straps, quickly swap out essentials and travel with less bulk while carrying more. Here are the top five reasons why our bags and their unique architecture are perfect for travelers like you.

1. TSA-Friendly

Unless you have TSA pre-check, you must remove your electronics from your bag while going through security. Expedite this process with our iPad and Laptop Cases. Our cases are crafted to attach and detach from your bag in seconds—all with one hand. The cases have a designated space inside your bag, so you can find them without looking. Get to your gate faster, alleviate stress, and stay organized during a chaotic process with our cases.

Less Bulk to Comply With Airline Carry-on Requirements

Each design choice we make is deliberate. We innovate down to a fraction of an inch so you only have to bring one bag to the airport instead of two—while accommodating the same amount of items. Our bags measure well within carry-on dimensions and stow comfortably above or below your seat. You won’t have to waste time and money checking bags needlessly.

3. Built-In Packing List

If you enjoy being organized, you’ll love our products. That’s because we’ve built a visual packing checklist into every bag. With our patent-pending organizational system, there’s a place for your essentials without any wasted space. We’ve thought of every detail so you can look into your Day Bag, Weekender Bag, The Attaché, or Laptop Briefcase and see your belongings at a glance. Better yet, reach in and pull something out from memory. This comes in handy on crowded planes, trains, and while driving.

4. Easy Transition From One Bag to Another

Seamlessly transition from bag to bag with our patent-pending infrastructure. If you’re traveling for business and pleasure, easily go from day to night to weekend tourist. Simply swap out your essential cases from your Laptop Brief to your Day Bag (or any bag combination) so you can quickly take what you need and leave the rest at home or the hotel. If your leather gets scuffed up along the way, don’t worry. The oils and waxes in our full-grain French calfskin are self-healing, so scratches buff out and fade naturally with use.

5. Prevents You From Losing Belongings

At home, you probably have a place for everything. When you travel, you might scatter jewelry, wallets, and keys around your room—increasing your risk of losing something along the way. Our French calfskin Catch-All holds all of your valuables and folds up flat in our dust bag, taking up less than six inches of space. Store your Catch-All in any bag to effortlessly travel from home to hotel. Customers love how this must-have travel accessory eliminates the worry from their travels.

Staying organized, looking sophisticated, and packing efficiently for travel makes your life vastly easier. See for yourself by purchasing an Anson Calder bag today. Or, explore our other products with patent-pending designs, like our Card Wallet and Cash Wallet.

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