8 Reasons Why Anson Calder Products Have An Extremely Low Return Rate (<1%, to be Exact)

Every product we create adds something valuable to your life—both aesthetically and functionally. Take our patent-pending push slot for instance. This design element is the first of its kind. Instead of pinching and pulling cards from your wallet, you can fan through cards and use one hand to retrieve the right one.

Our patent-pending organizational system is another Anson Calder signature. This genius piece of architecture allows our cases to be configured to your liking. Create a custom carry-all to work—packing your laptop, tablet, and umbrella case. Swap out headphones, GoTubbs, and a notebook for travel. The system is a permanent packing list in itself, so you’ll never forget an item or bring too much. Enjoy minimalist, organized, and functional design that keeps everything in its proper place.

7. Our Accessories Eliminate Bulk

Because our leather is selected from the finest hides, we don’t use lining. This eliminates bulk and allows us to produce wallets that are 1/8-inch thick and slim in your pocket—so streamlined they almost disappear. By condensing space, focusing on details, and solving problems found in other accessories, we create products that are perfect for everyday use, commuting, and travel.

8. You Can Customize Everything

Whether you wish to monogram your accessories in 22-karat gold, add custom straps in your favorite color, or order a number of cases to swap in and out, you can. Every accessory can be personalized to your needs. What’s more, if you’re looking for a corporate gift that won’t find its way to the next garage sale, we can work with your business to outfit your team with something they’ll love for years to come.

Purchasing an Anson Calder accessory is an investment—both in a long-lasting luxury leather product and a newfound minimalist and organized lifestyle. We’re the first to say that photos don’t do our accessories justice; you have to feel and see to believe. See how incredible they are for yourself by bringing one home today.

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