8 Reasons Your New Anson Calder Wallet is Worth the Investment

Your wallet goes everywhere you do: on vacation, to the movies, to work. But often, this workhorse of an accessory does not stand the test of time. Anson Calder wallets are built to last, get better with age, and combine utility with luxury. So why buy one of our wallets versus another minimalist wallet that costs less? Here are the top eight reasons.

1. Functional Design

You should never have to compromise function or style when you can have both. Each Anson Calder wallet features pockets with our patent-pending push slot. While simple in appearance, these push slots allow you to fan your cards from the bottom so you can easily select the card you need, leaving the rest in place.

2. Full-Grain French Calfskin

We tested leather from over 50 tanneries before launching our brand. While many would have allowed us to make a product more affordably, we needed a leather that could be split down to an unparalleled thinness and still maintain its form with use. The beautiful full-grain calfskin we use today, from a 500 year-old French tannery, is naturally strong and resilient yet supple.

3. 1/8-inch Profile Fits Perfectly Into Pockets and Purses

Because of our unique construction and full-grain leather, none of our wallets are lined. This design choice showcases the natural integrity and beauty of the leather. It also eliminates bulk without sacrificing functionality. Because of our wallets’ slim profiles, you can carry yours comfortably and covertly in your pocket or purse—skinny jeans and all.

4. “Self-Healing” Leather

The centuries-old tanning process used on our leather adds natural oils and waxes, making it so nicks and scrapes naturally smooth out with use. If you scratch your wallet, merely rub for a moment until the blemish disappears. Or keep using it and the marks will fade as you do so. Additionally, these natural oils create a rich patina over time, giving character that only increases as the years pass.

5. Large Capacity Accommodates Your Essentials

A lot of new customers worry they can’t “downsize” to our wallets. We love seeing their faces as they slide up to 14 cards plus cash inside (card amounts vary by wallet style). The integrity of the full-grain leather allows the material to expand and maintain its shape and strength, even after years of use.

6. Secure Design

Old wallets tend to get loose, allowing your cards to fall out. We extensively tested different materials with many construction options to prevent this from happening. Over time, the leather will mold to fit your cards perfectly and maintain its shape. Additionally, each wallet is available with optional RFID shielding.

7. Burnished Edges for a Long-Lasting Finish

Though many luxury labels choose to cut corners by painting the edges of their leather, each Anson Calder wallet is hand-burnished. That means we use friction and heat from a spinning wooden dowel to singe and polish the edges of the wallet for a finish that never fades or frays.

8. Durable and Stylish Stitching

While we rely on the integrity of our leather for strength, we reinforce the seams of each wallet with renowned German Gütermann thread. Additionally, strategically placed hand-tacks improve the strength and design of each wallet.

By sourcing high-caliber materials, hand finishing each product, and focusing on functional design, we deliver products you can use for decades. This confirms the old adage, “You get what you pay for.” Your investment with Anson Calder will see a return every time you use it.

Have more questions about our products or need to know which one is right for you? Please contact us at any time through our Customer Service portal.

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