Anson Calder...Now at City Creek Center

We're excited to announce the opening of our experiential store at City Creek Center, in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, Utah!

Many of you have seen our previous locations in the Oculus or at Columbus Circle in New York, where we created an innovative approach to retail that blended our minimalist and functional mindset and turned it into a store that expanded and condensed into itself.

We've yet to see anything like it and are proud of the way we were able to provide a portable location that our guests could actually walk into and see our products on display. Our commitment to innovation in retail hasn't ended. When we decided to scale our fulfillment and operations out of Utah, to accommodate for our ever-expanding online presence, we found an opportunity to create an experiential store concept in the premier shopping center in the state.

Upon entering our store, you'll find it's well equipped with the machinery we use to produce the best wallets and other accessories on the market. From on-site monogramming to demonstrations of our burnishing, skiving, sewing, or even leather splitting processes, this location will help us educate and illustrate what makes an Anson Calder product unique. 

As we experiment with new designs and make new prototypes, we'll be able to do so in this new location where any in the store can watch us in action. 

For those looking to make the switch from a disorganized, inefficient, or synthetic bag to a customized, high-quality, leather bag - we've set up our Bag Conversion Station where guests can bring their everyday essentials, set them on the table, and we'll help them build a bag that perfectly matches their lifestyle and set of accessories.

It doesn't end there. We're looking forward to hosting events and educational series that, for example, will help illustrate the difference between various leather types and qualities, why we've chosen full-grain leather instead of a genuine or top-grain leather.

We thank you all for your continued support and look forward to sharing new developments very soon. 

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  • Bruce Breger on

    I just ordered the International Billfold Wallet and should be delivered on Monday. I will be back in NY in October and I will check out the store!

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