Everything You Need to Know About Our Cash Wallet

The Cash Wallet is an adaptation of our Card Wallet—the wallet that launched our brand. Today, the Cash Wallet remains one of our best-sellers. Learn about its unique features and why it may be the most revolutionary accessory for your lifestyle.

The Cash Wallet Best Suits...

Our Cash Wallet is ideal for minimalists who appreciate a wallet with all the traditional storage options but none of the bulk. The inner cash pocket holds Chinese, American, European and other currencies. The outer pockets carry cards and IDs. Different from the more minimal Card Wallet, the Cash Wallet makes it even easier to access and carry more cash. It is flawlessly designed for customers who regularly transition between currency and cards.

Patent-Pending Features

Our patent-pending push slots come standard on every Anson Calder wallet. Why are they groundbreaking? The slots extend to the bottom of your wallet—allowing you to effortlessly fan through all of your cards to select the one you need. The Cash Wallet features two push slots, one on each side. Never pinch or pull cards again.

Hand Finished Craftsmanship

Hand-tacking. Burnished edges. Custom monograms. Our Cash Wallet features sophisticated and luxurious details. The burnished edges not only look beautiful, but also provide resilience to resist fraying and wear while the strong hand tacks add style and durability.

Compact Size

Minimalist, yet roomy and efficient. That is how we classify our innovative Cash Wallet. At 2 ⅕ by 3 ¾ inches" and only ⅛ inch thick, you will find your Cash Wallet fits nearly invisibly into front pockets, suit breast pockets, purses, and travel bags.

Impressive Capacity

We never tire of seeing the looks of surprise on our customers’ faces when they migrate their existing wallet contents to its new sophisticated home. The Cash Wallet carries up to 12 cards and several bills. You can stay organized with three pockets and have easy access to every card utilizing the patent-pending push slots. In fact, here’s one with 10 cards and 10 bills, and there’s room for more of each.

Six Color Options

Find a color that suits your style. Our Cash Wallet is available in black, cognac, steel gray, red, FSHD orange, and cobalt full-grain leather.

Customization Features

Purchase our Cash Wallet in timeless French calfskin and make it your own. Add an RFID protective lining in the center pocket to deter hackers from pilfering your sensitive financial information or accessing your cards via scanner. Customize your wallet with a matte, silver, gold, or 22-karat gold monogram. The details are what make your wallet perfectly suited to you.

What Customers Have to Say

Engineered Luxury™ integrates need, utility, and innovative solutions with exquisite materials and craftsmanship. Read what our customers say about our meticulously designed Cash Wallet:


Michael on Jul 04, 2018

Washington DC
Great Quality
I've been a fan of this wallet since it was introduced to me on Kickstarter. I have used it ever since and recommended it to numerous friends. It is an absolutely perfect size for the front pocket and carries all the cards I need. Access to the cards is easy and the leather is top quality, looking better with age.


Bear N. on May 14, 2018
United States
Best Wallet I’ve Ever Owned
Admittedly, I’ve never spent $150 bucks on one wallet, but I should have. I tried a bunch of other wallets that always seemed to fall short. I ended up spending more money on the other wallets than if I had just bought this one. This is the one wallet that has met and exceeded my expectations. If you are looking for a minimalist wallet that will fit all your cards, buy it! You won’t regret it.


Christopher D. on May 07, 2018

United States
Cash wallet exceeds expectations. Customer service is exceptional and proactive. A few of my peers have started to trim down their “carry” and now regret choosing an AC competitor. The cash wallet is smaller and the quality is far superior.


David on Apr 20, 2018
Where'd my wallet go?
Makes such a difference! I've been a front pocket guy for awhile, but I now finally have a wallet that I often forget is even there. The leather is amazing and really is a step above other materials I've had in the past. The design and function are exactly what I've been looking for!

Cash Wallets are best suited for people who mix and match forms of payment and require more room for daily essentials. If you’re ready to purchase one, shop now.


  • Joyce on

    Please let me know when you get the Cash Wallet in RED back in! I like Red! Hard to find things in Red! Thanks Joyce

  • Jeff Miller on

    Best Wallet I have ever used and I love it. It is so easy to carry and almost forget about.

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