Fast Cars and Fine Leather

To engineer a thing of beauty is to elevate the act of living. We are at our best when we are creating something of lasting value, something that respects the human ability to be more than human. The sleek, functional beauty of automobiles that race through time and space to create freedom is a masterful romance with possibilities. It is that process, that attention to each detail that we find alluring. The finest leather, from the finest tanneries, cut so that the grain most naturally matches the shape of the product; that is the nirvana of creation. There is a kind of meditation on the details that makes the transfer of our work to the customer so enjoyable. Take a moment and look closely at the stitching, the waxed thread, the centuries-old craftsmanship. The pistons of a fine automobile have been weighed and measured and refined for decades so that the response is something you’ll never forget. We refine for the same reason, so that your response to our products is something you will always remember. 

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