Our Partnership with the FSH Society and 6 Ways You Can Support Its Mission

Have you seen our FSHD Orange accessories? They’re a distinct symbol of our partnership with the FSH Society, a not-for-profit organization that supports Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy (FSHD) research. Because our founder Curtis Calder and his grandfather live with FSHD—along with nearly one million children and adults—we hold this cause close to our hearts. If you’re interested in supporting the FSH Society with us, here’s how you can help.

1. Purchase Anson Calder Products

Because a portion of every Anson Calder purchase is donated to the FSH Society, each time you shop with us you are giving hope to the millions of patients and family members affected by this debilitating degenerative disease.

2. Go Orange

Double your support of the FSH Society by purchasing a wallet in FSHD Orange. Each time someone asks about your wallet it helps spread awareness and support for FSHD research.

3. Participate in World FSHD Day

For this year’s World FSHD Day (June 20th), the FSH Society will build upon its Orange Slice Selfie campaign by asking supporters to post a photo of themselves to social media using an orange slice in place of their smile with the official hashtag #WorldFSHDDay. The campaign is designed to stand out on social media by combining the official color, bright orange, with an eye-catching image representing a symptom experienced by many patients—loss of the ability to smile. In addition to this campaign, the FSH Society created a moving video for supporters to share with their family, friends and those who are curious about FSHD.

4. Follow Us On Facebook and Instagram

If you follow us @ansoncalder on Instagram and Facebook, you’ll often see @FSHSociety featured in our posts. Comment, like, and share those posts with your friends, family, and social network to help spread awareness.

5. Organize or Join a Local Event

Businesses, schools, religious groups, and thoughtful individuals like you can create or join local FSHD events. Organize a car wash. Raise money through a bake sale. Sign up for the popular “Walk & Roll to Cure FSHD.” Your efforts will help propel research forward.

6. Donate Tissue

You can also make a difference for millions by donating tissue to FSH Society. Researchers study both affected and healthy tissue to determine the cause of FSHD and develop solutions. Whether you have an upcoming surgery that’s eligible for donation or would like to leave your body to science, your donation will make an incredible impact.

When founder, Curtis Calder, was diagnosed in 2013, the FSH Society was immensely helpful in providing the necessary resources, like specialists and recommendations for physical therapy, as well as an immediate support network. Because of their gratitude for the society, they wanted to make these, and other resources, readily available for patients around the world. After researching and working with the Executive Director, Curtis decided to partner with the FSH Society to increase awareness and raise funds to support the society’s mission.

We have always felt a responsibility to help others, whether through business or personal efforts. We hope you’ll join us in our support of the FSH Society-- and look forward to seeing your selfies on World FSHD Day!

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