This is Why Anson Calder Accessories Are Predominantly Made In America

As a global brand, we explore every corner of the world to find the most talented artisans, luxurious materials, and ethically conscious manufacturers. Many of them happen to be in America. While we can commission less expensive production from myriad locations, we are committed to the pursuit of excellence—wherever that is. 

Our story began in 2014 with a single manufacturer on the West Coast. Months later, we spread to the East to fulfill burgeoning production needs. Over the last few years, we have expanded globally to factories with unique specializations. For example, our manufacturer overseas is able to create the sleekest version of our iPhone Cases and Apple Pencil and CW&T Pen Sleeves because it has the proper machinery.


Fortunately for us, we never tire of seeking perfection; our founder, Curtis Calder, lives to travel. He’s called Switzerland, Chile, Colorado, Utah, and New York City home. Before partnering with any manufacturer, Curtis personally visits each location to meet the staff, tour the facility, vet employee conditions, and inspect workmanship. He travels back frequently during production to ensure our rigorously quality and ethical standards continue to be met.


At the end of the day, we’re focused on finding the best of the best, and we never let oceans restrict our search. This year for Independence Day, we are celebrating our manufacturers here in America who deliver unparalleled product. After all, a dedication to craft and luxury materials is what sets Anson Calder apart.

If you’re feeling patriotic, shop our red and blue accessories.


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