Anson Calder is a New York City-based travel accessories company. We craft luxury leather goods for the essential things you carry, and we introduce you to the best, most innovative new products you haven't yet discovered.

Read below to learn more about the products we love and design around:

Moleskine logo

We didn't choose Moleskine just because we love the people and food in Milan (they have a headquarters in New York City). We chose them because their products are crisp, clean, high-quality and durable. We currently offer a notebook case designed around their large books.

 Mophie Logo

Mophie is the #1-selling battery case manufacturer in North America. Their products are recognized for style and engineered for performance. The combination of aesthetics and technology make their batteries the perfect match for our system. We currently design around the Powerstation Plus batteries.

 Davek NY Logo

We were first introduced to Davek umbrellas a few years ago by a friend in New York City. Their products are meticulously crafted from the finest materials and combine aesthetic beauty with unsurpassed durability. When we decided to add an umbrella case to our system, Davek was our number one choice. Just as Davek affirms, we think it's better to buy one high-quality product that will last for many years than an endless stream of replacements.

 CW&T Logo

We tried pen after pen after pen looking for the perfect pen to pair with our notebook case and system. When we first saw CW&T's Pen Type B we got excited. After meeting with Che-wei and Taylor here in NYC and using the pen for the first time, we knew it was the one. CW&T favors minimal aesthetics, intuitive interfaces and over-engineered construction. See the pen and sleeve here.

 humangear Logo

Humangear makes many products we use and love. Their ability to recognize a need and create and improve products is exceptional. We currently offer products for the GoTubbs and will offer other great products in the future.

 Apple Logo

While Apple is not a true partner at this time, we have designed around their products because they are dependable, high-quality and hinge on design. We appreciate their great attention to detail, simple aesthetic and intuitiveness. Currently we have cases designed for: Laptops (Macbook, 13" Macbook Pro, 15" Macbook Pro) and iPads (iPad Mini, iPad Pro 9.7", iPad Pro 12.9")


MOLESKINE is a trademark registered by Moleskine SpA