What we do.

Founded in New York City, Anson Calder crafts innovative, contemporary leather goods for your everyday essentials. Made from full-grain calfskin from a French tannery that traces its origins to the 16th century, our innovative designs combine sleek storage with enduring quality.

For us, Engineered Luxury™ means there is thoughtful design in every detail in crafting beautiful, quality products that get better with age. We're proud of our unique history and invite you to read more about it here: From Investment Strategist to Fashion Designer: Curtis Calder's Unlikely Leap from Banking to Luxury Accessories

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Meet the founders.

Curtis & Allison Calder, City Creek Grand Opening

The ideas and designs for Anson Calder began long before the business was founded in January of 2015. And when it came time to name the company, founders Curtis & Allison Calder selected a name that meant something to both of them. Anson Calder is a hybrid of the old and the new and something Curtis & Allison built together. Anson, a great-great-grandfather and the name of their second child, was their way of melding the high-quality, old-world craftsmanship of the products with the new minimalist and technological concepts. As the business continues to grow, the original team of 2 has followed suit. Stay tuned to meet more of the team behind the scenes.


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We value things that last

Hand tackThis is evidenced in many ways--one of which is our choice to burnish our edges as opposed to merely painting them. A more labor-intensive process, burnishing produces edges that not only look beautiful, but are also more resilient. Un-burnished edges tend to fray and look worn more quickly.
This is evidenced in many ways--from our materials selection to our production processes. For example, hand-finishing our wallets with strong hand tacks add style and durability.
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