Product FAQs

Product FAQs


Where are your products made?

This is Why Anson Calder Accessories Are Predominantly Made In America

Our leather is shipped from France to Los Angeles where products are made from start to finish. There is one exception: our iPhone cases are made in China because we were unable to find a US manufacturer with the machinery and ability to manufacture the design of our phone cases. Read more here.


What is your warranty?

All Anson Calder products are covered by a 3-year warranty from the original purchase date. This warranty covers defects in manufacturing or materials. We build our products to last, and we use what we consider to be the best materials for each product. While we stand behind our craftsmanship, design, and selection of materials, our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or unreasonable use or neglect.

For any questions relating to warranty or for repair services, please email


Why burnish your edges instead of painting them?

We burnish the edges of most products to enhance the quality and extend the life of the product. Burnishing edges is a time consuming technique, but the end result looks incredible and is much more durable. Painted edges can crack and chip overtime.


What is "RFID blocking" and how do you do it?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology that is used to identify objects. For example, it is in credit cards for tap-payment or employee access badges (common icon: Image result for RFID icon ). This information can be accessed remotely and stolen, often called skimming. Our RFID wallets have a thin RFID blocking material glued in between the layers of leather so it is not noticeable to the human eye and does not change the functionality of the wallet. 

Please note that the RFID Card, Card Plus, Cash and Cash Zipper wallets only offer RFID blocking in the center pocket (the cutouts on external pockets expose too much of the card). The RFID Bifold, Billfold and Passport wallets offer blocking throughout.


Are your products recommended for travel? 

5 Reasons Why Our Patent-Pending Organizational System is Perfect for Travel

Our products were designed with the traveler in mind. We pride ourselves in our minimalist yet functional approach. Our Passport wallet allows you to carry cash, cards, your passport, boarding pass and more. Our bag system provides easy access to your everyday carry essentials. With one hand, you can unzip your bag and detach your laptop case to go through security or be prepared for any meeting or event.


What is the difference between the "Original" and Current Card and the Card Plus Wallets?

There were a few changes made to the Card and Card Plus Wallets in Summer 2018. Specifically, we incorporated the "Anson Calder New York" logo, squared the corners of the push-slot slightly, rounded the corners on the bottom of the wallet and widened the cash slot on the Card Plus design to more easily accommodate more bills. Both designs have the same card capacity and we’re pleased with the reception of the newest design.


What wallet is best for me?

Never carry cash? Card Wallet or Bifold Wallet
     Card wallet can hold up to 12 cards.

Occasionally carry cash but mostly cards? Card Plus Wallet or Bifold Wallet
     Card Plus wallet can hold up to 12 cards plus 3 bills.

Carry some cash and cards? Cash Wallet
     Cash wallet can hold up to 12 cards. If using cards + cash, can vary based on which you carry more of.

Carry cards, cash and coins or keys? Cash Zipper Wallet or Bifold Coin Wallet
     Cash zipper wallet can hold up to 10 cards, more if stored in center pocket.

Enjoy traditional? Billfold Wallet
     Billfold wallet can hold up to 8 cards plus cash in a traditional style ½ fold.

Travel or live internationally or like to store receipts? International Billfold Wallet
     International Billfold wallet can hold up to 8 cards (or more depending on how you load the cash area), with two sections to store your cash, receipts, or International notes.

Travel frequently? Passport Wallet
     Passport wallet can hold up to 8 cards, cash, your passport, and your boarding pass. Optionally, coins or flat keys can be stored in the right-side pocket


How do I care for my product? (French Calfskin/Sport Leather)

French Calfskin: 

Our products are made with the finest calfskin leather sourced from a 16th Century French tannery. Their time-tested tanning techniques produce leather that will self-heal minor scratches and develop a rich patina with use. With proper care it will last a lifetime. Watch the Environment: Limit the exposure to sunlight, inclement weather and water. Clean with Care: Spot clean your leather with a damp cloth, Never use conditioners or cleaners. Leave it to Nature: Because your leather is natural, it comes with unique variations in color and texture. Over time, it will develop a personality all its own.

Sport Leather:

Over 100 years of Italian fashion and tanning tradition are combined to produce this unique combination of leather and modern surface effect resulting in a beautiful rubberized leather touch. This finishing process preserves the naturalness of the leather and creates an incredibly durable, cleanable, leather resistant to water, stains and scratches. Spot clean with damp cloth. 

Mind the Magnets: 

Some of our products use magnets. Whenever possible, avoid direct contact between those magnets and electronic devices like cell phones, flash drives, credit cards and magnetic keycards. If you have a pacemaker or a similar medical device, consult a physician before using any product containing magnets.

How many cards does each wallet fit?

Each push slot will allow up to 4 cards (though we’ve had customers share images with many more). Depending which wallet you have chosen, it may accommodate more based on the use of the other pockets. Our Card, Card Plus, and Cash wallets will accommodate up to 12 cards whereas the Billfold, International Billfold, and Passport wallet will comfortably fit 8 cards in the push slots (2 push slots total). The leather is snug initially (even more snug with Sport Leather) and within a week the cards will slide smoothly.


How does the 3-strap system work in the bags?

We started by studying what people carry on a regular basis, quickly realizing it varies. We then designed cases and patented a system to attach the cases to our bags, allowing you to personalize your configuration.

Customizable Today, Tomorrow and Beyond: By choosing the cases you need to carry your essentials, you carry only what you need. And because what you need from bags changes over time, your bag can change as often as your needs do simply by reconfiguring and swapping cases.

Stand-Alone Cases: The cases, which act as “pockets” within your bag, were designed to also function as stand-alone cases. They are sized to fit perfectly, have an easy closure that keeps items secure yet easy to access, and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can custom-build your bag. See the Specifications Chart below for more details on specific products.

Organized and Minimal: You will maximize the use of space within your bag by attaching internal cases to the walls. You can carry more by carrying it better.

  • Increases access, everything has a designated place
  • Prevents the contents of your bag from getting jumbled together at the bottom
  • Creates a visual checklist so you can forget about forgetting
  • Leaves more space in the center for the additional items you need to carry on any given day

Compatibility: Not only can your cases be pulled out and used on their own, they can also be taken out of the bag and seamlessly inserted into another Anson Calder bag.

All Anson Calder bags and cases are compatible and interchangeable, regardless of material. See the Product Description for more details on specific products.